By Paul S. Waugh, Head Mentor, Lighthouse Global

I’ve been involved in building businesses for most of my adult life and there is a lot I’ve learned, as you’d expect. With this kind of experience comes a lot of questions of course and one of the most common questions I’m asked is “why did you start Lighthouse Global?” Well, like any entrepreneur and businessman I’ve had my share of failures, but also many which were highly successful.

In this video I share a bit about my story, about my beginnings and the kinds of questions that not only caused me to start Lighthouse in the first place, but that I and the team have been constantly working on ever since. These are questions that I believe will resonate with everyone in some way, whether they are trying to build a successful career, a healthier family, or indeed a business of their own, because when it comes to the fundamental questions and answers in life, they always apply across the board.

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