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My insights on empowering conscientious people to identify and overcome the obstacles to their God-given human potential

A Bit About Me

I’m Paul Waugh, a father, and businessman and a Christian who over the years has traversed countless trials and tribulations on my journey to making a positive impact with our human family and earthly home.

Lighthouse Global is the fruit of my humbling entrepreneurial and servant leadership journey spanning the last 25 years of my life.

Quite simply, I whole-heartedly feel that we cannot consider ourselves as a progressive and successful global family until we are taking responsibility for the millions of human beings, both young and old alike, who still lack the basic qualities and opportunities of life. My life’s work is unequivocally devoted to creating human and global solutions to our most critical social challenges through the empowerment of the human being and uniting them in a genuine state of family and community.

I find and invest an immense amount of joy and pleasure in the simple things and am a passionate Liverpool supporter and love cricket.

About This Site

This site is the start of me sharing my experiences to help those of you out there aspiring to live and build a better life for yourself and others. This is just the beginning as I share more and more.

David Vs Goliath – The Showdown…

This video has been produced by Lighthouse Global Media in response to the BBC ‘docuMYTHary’, A Very British Cult and its associated radio and podcast programs.

You Have Been Deceived By The BBC Once Again.

Watch The Live Showdown In Real-Time With Full Facts & Evidence..

The Court of Public Opinion Will Rule In This Case.

Don’t Let It Happen To You, Your Family, Your Children, Your Business, Your Life.

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Here is a snapshot of some of my most recent articles

Overcoming the Barriers to Success – Paul S. Waugh

Overcoming the Barriers to Success – Paul S. Waugh

By Paul S. Waugh, Head Mentor, Lighthouse Global For a long time I have realised that who we are in our lives and when we enter the proverbial ‘office’ (whatever your ‘office’)   makes all the difference to our performance. One of the biggest mistakes I...

Paul S. Waugh – Why Did You Start Lighthouse Global?

Paul S. Waugh – Why Did You Start Lighthouse Global?

By Paul S. Waugh, Head Mentor, Lighthouse Global I've been involved in building businesses for most of my adult life and there is a lot I've learned, as you’d expect. With this kind of experience comes a lot of questions of course and one of the most common questions...

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